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02 Aug 2018

5 Essential Principles of Selling

When it is time to train your sales team, consider these essential elements of successful selling.

1. The Human Principle

The first thing any salesperson must learn is that they are always selling to humans. Because of this, learning how to build a relationship and rapport with a client is an essential element of the sales training process.

One thing everybody wants is someone who will listen. For this reason, a salesperson can get a solid start at establishing rapport by being a good and empathetic listener. Moreover, by listening, they can reach a better understanding of a potential client's wants and needs and use this knowledge to adapt their approach when presenting the product and eventually closing the sale.

2. The Presentation Principle

Because a sale is made between human beings, salespeople will always--in effect--be selling themselves. This means they must consider all aspects of how they present themselves, from their dress and physical appearance to how they communicate with their tone and body language, over the phone, and in writing. Good sales training courses will provide training in each of these areas, you can find more information about sales training courses on this website.

3. The Problem-Solving Principle

A good salesperson understands that they are not selling a product or service but a solution to a problem. Any purchase of a product or service, or a switch to a different brand or provider, is done in order to solve a problem.

By understanding the customer's problem and focusing on how you can provide a solution, you are putting their needs first. This is a far more effective approach than simply providing a heap of information about your product or service. In fact, it goes hand-in-hand with the human principle of listening to the customer.

4. The Value Principle

Beyond being knowledgeable of pricing, sales staff must understand the relationship between price and value. Untrained sales staff may see the price of their product or service as a hindrance to closing the sale; however, to an expert salesperson price is immaterial because they can create enough value to make the customer happy with it. Equally, expert sales coaching can teach this ability.

The exact same product or service can be sold by a number of companies at different prices; if the consumer perceives a higher-priced item as having more value, they will choose it over the competition. It is the job of a sales team to create and communicate that value. If they do so effectively, a customer will not complain about the price being too high because they will understand the value they are receiving. Sales coaching can really help give you an advantage over your competitors, if you are from Melbourne and looking to undertake sales coaching for you or your team then you can find more information here.

5. The Closing Principle

If a sale is not closed, all previous efforts are in vain. Regardless of how much effort you put into the sales process or what you invest in sales training workshops, your company will profit nothing if the salespeople cannot close. 

Learning how to close a sale is an art all of its own and it requires a delicate balance of these and other essential principles of selling. Often, if you have built a good relationship with your customer, listened, and effectively communicated the value of your product or service and how it will solve their particular problem, the closing principle may be as simple as asking for the sale and arranging the next steps.

11 Jul 2018

Services You Need to Consider When Planning an Event

When you are planning any type of the event, booking the venue is probably one of the main decisions to make. There are many different available venue hire options in Auckland. The venue hire might contribute a significant portion of the budget. It also shapes and limits a lot of other decisions including setup and location. While you are narrowing down on the many venue options, here are some of the considerations you have to make with regards to other associated services and arrangements for your event.

Conference Rooms Catering

Most likely, your event will include some type of catering. If it’s a wedding, then a full-scale catering service is needed to provide the wedding reception meal and drinks. If you are hosting a workshop, on the other hand, you might only be providing light refreshments such as tea and biscuits. When you chose a conference room, make sure you are aware of the catering options. The venue might include catering as part of the package, or you might have to make your own arrangements. If it’s the latter, it’s a good idea to find out about the venue kitchen.

Meeting Rooms Furniture and Décor 

Another point to note when looking for a venue is what kind of floor arrangement you would want. Does the venue provide chairs, and are they suitable for your meeting? If they are not appropriate, you might need to work with equipment hiring services. Other furniture items you might need are a stage, tables, desks, depending on the kind of program you will be hosting. Additionally, you will need to arrange to have these set up and arranged as you would prefer.

Décor is also a vital element of many events such as parties and weddings. You might be looking for a full-on massive décor arrangement or maybe just something simple like table cloths and banners for a conference.

Function Rooms Multimedia

Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, you need a great multimedia setup. This might include a sound system with enough microphones and speakers, screens and projectors, and possibly special lighting. You will also need people to operate this equipment as well as a DJ, camera, and video recording team. Once you understand the requirements of your function then you can look into hiring a function room for your event, if you look at this site you will notice that there are probably more options than you think when it comes to booking out a venue for a function.

Ushering and Hosting

For a successful event, you need a team of capable volunteers or staff to make sure the event goes smoothly. You will need people to be in charge of several different tasks including registration, ushering and hosting, serving the refreshments and meals, as well as setting up and tearing down the space. These people may be part of your own team, from the venue, or from the service companies you will be working with.

As discussed above, there are so many things you have to think about when planning to hire a venue. Before you settle on any location in Auckland, make sure you have a good idea of what you will do for catering, furniture, décor, multimedia, ushering, and hosting. Also be sure to check out what kind of amenities are on site. Throughout Auckland, many venue hire services offer comprehensive packages to cut down your planning responsibilities and often to give you a discount on event services. Happy planning!

27 Jun 2018

How To Own Your Mums Old Dress

Imagine this: you have just walked into your mother’s home to give them the good news that you are getting married soon and you mother or grandmother runs to the attic to retrieve her old wedding dress because she always pictured you in it. You cringe. That dress is not only old but also out of style. It is definitely not what you had in mind when you envisioned your big day. You don’t want to disappoint your mother or grandmother but you also don’t want to look like you just stepped out of another decade.

So, how do you have your dream wedding dress or gown while making your mother’s dream come true?

The most obvious and easy way to own your mother’s dress or gown is changing the colour. You can dye it at home or take it to a professional to do it for you. I know that it may be a strange suggestion to wear a differently coloured wedding gown or dress but you may be surprised at what kind of atmosphere a red, fuchsia or black gown. You could also dye it blue and be your own something borrowed and something blue.

Another easy way to own that dress from the seventies or eighties is to change the neckline. Most gowns in the past were characterised by jewel and square necklines. You can change this to a sweetheart or asymmetrical neckline giving it a whole new look and character. 

Embellishments are also another great way of transforming an old dress. You can use sequins, beads or even feathers to give the once plain looking white dress a whole new look. The thing to remember is that a little goes a long way so don’t overdo it.

In some rare occasions, you might find a dress that is just perfect and does not need any kind of alterations at all. In this situation, you can make the look your own by accessorising. With the many veils, belts, boleros, headpieces and tiaras out there, you can easily transform the old dress and make it your own. Pearls were a big thing in the past but you could try pairing the dress with silver or golden bridal jewellery. It may seem like a small move but it will make all the difference.

If all else fails, you could always alter the dress completely. You could use a detail in the old dress as your baseline and redesign it. There are many bridal fabric stores in Melbourne such as this store where you could pick up some fabrics to make some alterations to your gown. However, you should make sure you check with your mum before you change everything about her dress. Most people are sentimental when it comes to their wedding dresses and may not be okay with having the dress completely changed into a new dress. It is however important to note that this is a move a lot of people have taken including celebrities. Margot Robbie for example looked beautiful when she walked down the aisle to wed her boyfriend Tom Ackeley in December 2016. Many people thought her off-shoulder lace wedding gown to be a new edgy look by one of the designers but Robbie was actually wearing a thirty year old dress, her mother’s old dress.

The saying old is gold is true for a lot of things in this world including old wedding dresses. In a world where a new wedding dress goes for anything from $1,500 to even $50,000 on the higher side, your mum's old dress would save you a lot of money while giving you that ‘wow’ factor you need for your big day.