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2013 Tessuti Awards

Bernina Love Handbags
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You are currently viewing an archived entry from our Tessuti Awards 2012 event.

About My Dress

Pattern Used:
My own design

Fabrics Used:
'The Navy Line' French Navy/Ivory Stripe 100% Silk Twill, 'One Line Down' 100% Cotton Seersucker Stripe

Time To Create:
14 Hours

Dress Influenced By:
Tomoko Nakamichi’s "Pattern Magic" books, and Shingo Sato ‘s "Transformational Reconstruction" were a huge influence in the design process and pattern making. I take influence and inspiration from vintage influences techniques, design features, and silhouettes.

Additional Information:
A big thank you to a Canberra photographer Ben Davies who I trekked up some mountains to have a very fun shoot with!

Thank you to my lovely friend who bought me my matching bow, and my other friend who lent me her shoes!

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Andrea Szabo


Andrea Szabo

Via Facebook 17 September 2012

My very talented daughter, please vote!!!