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2013 Tessuti Awards

Bernina Love Handbags
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You are currently viewing an archived entry from our Tessuti Awards 2012 event.

About My Dress

Pattern Used:
My own design

Fabrics Used:
Black & White Wally

Time To Create:
An hour here and there over the span of two months.

Dress Influenced By:
When it comes to this dress, it wasn't so much about influences as it was about challenge. I never considered jersey fabrics to be suitable for elegant wear so I wanted to challenge that prejudice. I also wanted to experiment with the lines and take advantage of their slimming effect when used diagonally and create the impression of a longer silhouette with the aid of the slanted hems.

Additional Information:
I don't own a serger so sewing jersey is always a challenge. To keep the seams from becoming 'wavy' I used tissue paper (as seen on one of the photos). The paper stabilizes the fabric so it doesn't stretch too much and it keeps from distorting the shape of the final dress. It's a neat trick that can make sewing easier and with a more professional outcomes.

The dress is entirely hemmed by hand so that the seams are not visible on the outside.

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